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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saina Nehval..Inspiration for many


Congrats, Saina..She proved again that its all about "Attitude"...she concentrated on things needed keeping low profile unlike other sports stars who just got carried away by functions, parties and publicity...Congrats once again to future "Khel Ratna"

Congratulations , Saina ! for winning "Arjuna ".


Saina Nehval who won Indonesian open recently is a true inspiration for all of us. Her commitment , hardwork and planning are good.I admire her attitude and the way she works by putting her self short term targets. I used "Approach" and "Attitude" beacause...unlike other sport stars from India she didnt' get carried away by media pubilicy, parties, ads etc say it simple , she didn't get carried away by her "Celebrity status" :-) . She remained the same Saina before and even after success and publicity. She had shown same concentration level always. To mention as an example even before completing 24hours after coming to India after a huge success....she went to practice n not even attended a single party.... I appreciate it.
I wish that ...getting inspiration from her more such good players come and make us feel proud....

We all must be proud that a girl from our country won such a title...Let us congratulate her and wish her more success...all the best Saina...

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